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SORANO QUALITY ① – The difference is obvious – the story of our guestroom bedding

1. Hungarian mother white goose down comforters in all guest rooms
Our first SORANO QUALITY feature is the comforter provided in our guest rooms.

SORANO HOTEL is devoted to furnishing all guest rooms with the highest quality Hungarian mother white goose down comforters, which is not easy to do at hotels. This time, we are furnishing our rooms with the Premium Gold Label with a down power of 440 dp and above, which is of the highest quality according to the Japan Down Product Cooperative Standards. The difference in sleeping comfort is obvious when you use these comforters!

Down are clearly ranked by the breed of waterfowl (goose or duck), breeding period, and climate of the breeding location, which affect their quality and function. Hungarian mother white goose is said to have quality near the top, and its value has further increased with the decline of its distribution volume worldwide.

The Fujishinkou Co., Ltd. products that we have selected this time are completely guaranteed of quality and traceability as the materials purchased directly in Hungary are washed at the company’s factory using the bounteous water of Mt. Fuji.

*The photo is a letter of recommendation presented to Fujishinkou Co., Ltd. by the Embassy of Hungary in Japan, recognizing long-term achievement of direct imports from Hungary.

2. A departure from fixed ideas with high-resilience urethane foam mattresses in consideration of the quality and environment

Coil spring mattresses are generally used for beds, but they are nonrecyclable and end up as industrial waste. In Europe where coil mattresses are avoided for such environmental reasons, urethane foam mattresses are the mainstream.

The SORANO HOTEL places importance on high quality with no difference in sleeping comfort between the main bed and extra bed and on safety for both the body and the environment. From the standpoints of both quality and ecology, we have selected high-resilience urethane foam mattresses that do not use organic materials.
The mattress moderately cushions your body and restores itself, boasts high breathability and durability, and maintains a comfortable resilience that leads to sleeping satisfaction.

For First-Time Visitors
For Free Members
  • Earn 15% points on your stay and use them for 1 yen per point on your next stay.
  • Complimentary use of the SORANO HOTEL’s iconic Infinity Pool (normally 2,200 yen per guest per night) for all guests in the room.
  • A special gift from a choice of six.