Just 30 minutes
from the heart of Tokyo

Plan an incentive trip to Tachikawa, Tokyo in conjunction with corporate training and internal meetings!
We proudly offer a unique venue possible only at a small hotel marked by high quality.



Only 30 minutes away from central Tokyo, organize an incentive trip complete with meetings, training, and
team building without the stress of long-distance travel.
The SORANO HOTEL blessed with a natural environment and resort feel is an ideal facility
for people who like to draw a line between work and personal life and appreciate a lifestyle of Well-being.
The SORANO HOTEL is highly convenient for both the organizers and participants.
So, what are the 10 reasons for choosing the SORANO HOTEL?

  • 10 REASONS
  • 10 REASONS
  • REASON #1

    25 minutes away from Shinjuku by train

    There is no need to spend time on travel as the hotel is located a convenient 25 minutes away from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo Line Special Rapid. It is even possible to check out the next morning and go straight to work.

  • REASON #2

    An 8-minute walk from Tachikawa Station

    The hotel is located 500 meters away and an 8-minute walk from Tachikawa Station so participants can gather easily without a need for buses and other transportation.

  • REASON #3

    A relaxing, resort-like environment

    Participants can relax their minds and bodies in the enjoyable resort ambiance and functions without even leaving Tokyo.

  • REASON #4

    Special, interesting meetings

    Meetings can be held in rental meeting rooms within GREEN SPRINGS or in outdoor tents at the Central Square for an experience and venue that is out of the ordinary.

  • 10 REASONS
  • 10 REASONS
  • REASON #5

    An array of programs even at Showa Kinen Park

    Showa Kinen Park in front of the hotel is the perfect place for teambuilding and other programs. Space and facilities for jogging, futsal, basketball, Segway, cycling, boat riding, barbecues, and more are available (for a fee).

  • REASON #6

    A perfect refreshment for minds and bodies

    Our hotel inspired by Well-being offers a variety of Well-being programs. We offer customized programs, including conditioning, yoga, mindfulness, and aqua running at the Infinity Pool and Gym Studio led by dedicated instructors. The experience provides an ideal opportunity for refreshing tired minds and bodies.

  • REASON #7

    Great tasting foods that are good for your body

    DAICHINO RESTAURANT offers Well-being through food with delicious dishes that are gentle on your body and perfect for busy people who may be prone to improper eating habits.

  • 10 REASONS
  • 10 REASONS
  • REASON #8

    A special time at the Rooftop Bar

    The Rooftop Bar with a view of the Infinity Pool offers pre-dinner cocktails and aperitifs to celebrate a successful function.

  • REASON #9

    A stay in spacious guest rooms

    Depending on the purpose and size of the party, the hotel offers a comfortable stay for one to four guests per room in spacious rooms that are at least 52 square meters from our standard rooms.

  • REASON #10

    A highly satisfying incentive trip

    By extending stays on an individual basis, family and friends can be invited due to the close location, which makes the incentive trip highly satisfying for participants+.


Plan an overnight stay for an incentive or team building,
or a day trip of intensive strategy meetings, brainstorming, and more
with a change of environment and mindset to encourage productivity.
Located only 30 minutes away from the heart of Tokyo, this package is excellent
for a day trip and an optional overnight stay to fit the needs of each participant.


Day 1

Gather for reception at the SORANO HOTEL lobby
10:00 - 12:30
AM meeting 1 Lobby floor DAICHINO RESTAURANT private room
2 “Living Room” in GREEN SPRINGS
Coffee break 1 DAICHINO RESTAURANT terrace seat
2 Café adjoining “Living Room”
12:30 - 13:30
Lunch 1 Picnic lunch at the GREEN SPRINGS Central Square (depending on the weather)
2 Optional lunch at a dining facility inside GREEN SPRINGS
13:30 - 15:00
PM meeting continued 1 Lobby floor DAICHINO RESTAURANT private room
2 “Living Room” in GREEN SPRINGS
PM option Team building program at the Showa Kinen Park
15:30 - 16:30
Ceremony An awards ceremony at the Rooftop Bar or Infinity Poolside in front of the bar
Cocktail/apéro or small party style

The program ends here for the day trip meeting.
An overnight stay is optionally available. Participants can also invite their family as our hotel is conveniently located just 30 minutes away from central Tokyo.

For the Overnight Stay Program

Check in at the hotel
16:30 - 19:00
Free time Enjoy your time at the Infinity Pool, Indoor Spa, and more.
19:30 - 21:30
Dinner 1 DAICHINO RESTAURANT private room
2 Under The Cascade, a restaurant in GREEN SPRINGS

Day 2

7:00 - 8:00
Early morning activities 1 Mindfulness at the Infinity Poolside
2 Early morning yoga
3 Conditioning training at the Gym Studio
8:30 - 9:30
Breakfast / Free time DAICHINO RESTAURANT
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