Our goal at SORANO HOTEL is to offer a comfortable stay that promises Well-being – a wholesome experience to invigorate the mind and body. Spending time in our spacious guest rooms restores your mind and body while an impressive experience awaits at the Infinity Pool on the top floor, the privately drilled hot spring water offers superb relaxation at the Indoor Spa, and specially selected ingredients are served in flavorsome meals. Whether your SORANO HOTEL experience falls on a weekday or a weekend, stress-free healing is just thirty minutes away from the heart of Tokyo.

In the creation of such a hotel, we have made it a point to reflect our consistent commitment to Well-being, high grade, and high quality in every decision and judgment that we make. SORANO HOTEL’s commitment – SORANO QUALITY – is an accumulation of a Well-being stay for our guests, eco-friendly and sustainable choices, and Well-being in the work environment for our staff.


QUALITY 1 Where the stay itself is a Well-being experience

Our standard guest room with 52-square-meter comfort and natural design

Our standard guest room with 52-square-meter comfort and natural design


Our standard guest room with 52-square-meter comfort and natural design

The large windows in the generous guest rooms provide a lush view of the park. 52 square meters and up from our standard rooms, all SORANO HOTEL guest rooms boast uncommon spaciousness and high quality offered in the form of a balcony and park view of Showa Kinen Park. The bed is luxuriously arranged in the center of the room to face the window for admiring the rich greenery. The design by world-renowned French designer Gwenael Nicolas eliminates excessive décor and furnishings for a stylish interior with a natural impression in which the rich green landscape is an important feature.

Hungarian mother white goose down comforters in all guest rooms


Hungarian mother white goose down comforters
in all guest rooms

SORANO HOTEL furnish all guest rooms, with the exception of the Sorano Suite (one room), with Hungarian mother white goose down comforters (*down power of 440 dp). It is rare to find such high-quality furnishings in all rooms at conventional hotels.
Down are clearly ranked by the breed of waterfowl (goose or duck), breeding period, and climate of the breeding location, which affect their quality and function. Hungarian mother white goose is said to have quality near the top, and its value has further increased with the decline of its distribution volume worldwide.
The products of Fujishinkou Co., Ltd. that we have selected this time are completely guaranteed of quality and traceability as the materials are purchased directly in Hungary and washed at the company’s factory with the bounteous water of Mt. Fuji.
According to the Japan Down Product Cooperative Standards, down power* of 440 dp and above indicates the highest quality called the “Premium Gold Label”, and the difference is obvious when you use it. “Sorano Hotel is the place to stay for a restful night’s sleep!” Please give it a try.

*Down power (dp) is the volume of feathers in a comforter, expressed as the volume per gram. The better the down is, the more volume and heat retention it has.

The ultimate down comforter: Icelandic Eiderdown Furnished in SORANO HOTEL’s highest-grade guest room

The ultimate down comforter:
Icelandic Eiderdown furnished
in SORANO HOTEL’s highest-grade guest room

The eider duck that inhabit the rugged coastline to the north of Iceland are covered with exceptional down to maintain a high body temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the severe cold. The feathers have very long barbs with curled tips that intermingle to form large, fluffy down balls.
Eider ducks use their feathers to protect their eggs and chicks from the cold. When laying eggs, the mother birds pluck down from their own chests with their beaks and fill the nest with the down for heat insulation and retention. After the ducklings leave the nest, eiderdown – the king of down – is collected by hand from the nests.
In Iceland, depending on the weather, about 3,000 kilograms of eiderdown is collected annually. Collection from 60 to 80 nests amounts to one kilogram of down.
The strength and kindness of nature can be fully appreciated with this rare, spectacular, unparalleled eiderdown.
The king of down – eiderdown, which has scarcity value and extraordinary quality is furnished in SORANO HOTEL’s highest-grade Sorano Suite.

A departure from fixed ideas – High-resilience urethane mattresses emphasizing comfort and eco-friendliness


A departure from fixed ideas
High-resilience urethane mattresses emphasizing comfort and eco-friendliness

When choosing mattresses for the guest room, SORANO HOTEL is committed to providing the same quality of sleeping comfort for the main bed and extra bed, and to offer mattresses that are safe for your body and the environment. From the viewpoint of quality and ecology, we have chosen not to use coil spring mattresses but high-resilience urethane foam mattresses that are free of organic matter and other such materials.
Coil spring mattresses are generally used for beds, but they are nonrecyclable and end up as industrial waste. In Europe where coil mattresses are avoided for such environmental reasons, urethane foam mattresses are the mainstream.
The mattresses we have selected feature breathable, highly resilient material called “Fine Cell” developed by Nishikawa, a bedding manufacturer actively involved with SDGs. The material moderately cushions your body and restores itself, boasts excellent air permeability due to a porous structure that could not be achieved with conventional memory foam mattresses, and maintains a hardness that is not greatly affected by temperature changes. Durable and resistant to sagging, the mattresses maintain a comfortable resilience that leads to sleeping satisfaction.
Less than half the weight of coil mattresses, these mattresses are very easy to handle during transport and room cleaning. Recyclable as well, these are truly people- and environment-friendly products.
“Sorano Hotel is the place to stay for a restful night’s sleep!” Please give it a try.

Bathroom amenities – Setting an eco-first hotel standard!


Bathroom amenities – Setting an eco-first hotel standard!

Hotels discard large amounts of disposable waste every day. The more mindful we are of Well-being – a wholesome experience to invigorate the mind and body – and Sustainability – being friendly to the environment and society – the stronger we feel about reducing disposable items as much as possible. We have decided to limit stock of one-time use items such as toothbrushes and instead focus on providing hand selected amenities. In addition to high quality linens, bathrobes, hair dryers, and other basic items, we offer carefully selected, high-quality body and hair shampoo and conditioner provided in refillable bottles instead of individual packaging. We kindly ask you to bring your favorite items that you are accustomed to using at home.

About our amenities

  • First time in Japan Hair and body shampoo & conditioner certified by EU’s highest organic standards

    Hair and body shampoo & conditioner
    certified by EU’s highest organic standards

    Hair and body shampoo are high quality bathroom amenities that are carefully selected by the hotel and friendly to the environment. Our rooms will be appointed with Arrivée hair and body shampoo and conditioner by LEDERHAAS, a NATRUE*-certified organic cosmetics manufacturer based in Austria, which has the most organic farmland among European countries where the level of environmental awareness is high.
    The products will be provided in 300 ml bottles instead of individual packaging. With full support by the Austrian Embassy, this will be the first time the products will be used in Japan.

    *NATRUE Certification: Over 95% of the natural ingredients used are from organic certified producers. We use products of the highest rank in the three-level certification.

  • “Can you bring your toothbrush for the night?” For purchase

    “Can you bring your toothbrush for the night?”

    An important message from SORANO HOTEL, this request for your kind cooperation will be made politely and repeatedly. We believe that if all our guests bring their toothbrushes that they are accustomed to using, we can reduce the amount of disposable one-time-use items. A single toothbrush makes a great difference when kindness for the earth is in your heart! Your understanding and help are greatly appreciated.

    Toothbrushes friendly for the environment and your body(for sale)
    If you do not bring a toothbrush, the hotel will provide non-disposable quality items for a fee.
    Just Smile’s bamboo toothbrush, which promotes activities to reduce educational disparities in South America, is available for purchase. The handle is made of organic moso bamboo, and the brush is made of plant-derived fiber material free of BPA. For every toothbrush purchased, a pencil will be donated to children in South America.
  • Japan’s first hotel Japan’s first hotel to furnish all guest rooms with fair-trade certified cotton towels made in Japan

    Japan’s first hotel to furnish all guest rooms with fair-trade certified cotton towels made in Japan

    Hotman is a towel manufacturer out of Tokyo. SORANO HOTEL will furnish all guest rooms with Hotman’s highly water absorbent “One-second towels” made with fair-trade certified cotton. “One-second towels” are made using Hotman’s original manufacturing method that maximizes the potential of cotton without using chemicals such as softeners and water-absorbing agents used in general towel production. These high-quality towels are gentle on your hair and skin, safe and reliable, and contribute to a sustainable society.

    About Hotman
    Hotman is a long-established towel manufacturer with a history of over 150 years in Ome, Tokyo. In support of fair-trade activities aimed at improving the lives and self-dependence of developing countries, the company manufactures and sells Japan-made fair-trade cotton towels, which were the first to become internationally fair-trade certified in Japan since 2014.
    Hotman conducts all production processes in-house and tightly manages raw material purchases, enabling it to meet strict international fair-trade standards. Hotman’s fair-trade-certified products are made with high-quality fair-trade cotton grown in the Republic of Senegal. Senegal cotton is beautiful, glossy white cotton that is handpicked to minimize damage to the fiber and strong enough for use in towel products.

QUALITY 2 All for a comfortably impressive experience – SORANO SPA

A new extraordinary experience at the one and only Infinity Pool

A new extraordinary experience at the one and only Infinity Pool


A new extraordinary experience
at the one and only Infinity Pool

As water flows over the pool’s edge, which is at the same height as the surface of the water, the water and sky merge with the horizon and give the illusion of spreading infinitely. The Infinity Pool on SORANO HOTEL’s top floor has a length of 60 meters and will impress you with its scale and element of surprise. An inspiring Well-being experience awaits at this pool where privately drilled hot spring water heals you and the view from 11 stories above ground with Mt. Fuji in the distance on a clear day impresses you. It is a one-of-a-kind facility in Tokyo that Tokyo has yet to see.

Delicate, high-quality nano-mist sauna


high-quality nano-mist sauna

In many cases, saunas, perhaps due to the high temperature, often test the user’s endurance in the stuffy atmosphere. While seeking a more comfortable way to perspire, SORANO HOTEL arrived at the nano-mist sauna. Still rare in Japan, this new type of sauna is expected to satisfy even users who are not fond of saunas.
As the special technology converts steam into ultra-fine steam called nano-steam (superheated steam), the sauna room is not misty but clear, relatively low in temperature (43°C to 45°C/109°F to 113°F), and free of the stuffiness characteristic of conventional saunas. The size of the nano-mist is astonishing, at 1/100,000 to 1/20,000 the size of raindrops. As nano-steam has significantly higher penetration capabilities than normal steam, you can sweat comfortably without the strain. High permeability also allows penetration deep into the keratin from the pores to help beautify your skin.

Spa program focused on “conditioning”


Spa program
focused on “conditioning”

The best part of SORANO SPA, which includes the Infinity Pool and Gym Studio, is its invigorating location and superb view. A variety of programs based on the concept of Well-being is offered in this charming setting.
In particular, SORANO SPA places great importance on a new type of personal training called “conditioning”. In principle, restoring the function of each person’s body consequently leads to achievement of each person’s goal. Guidance based on medical evidence and programs tailored to each individual offer effective training for women in their twenties, athletes, and seniors, regardless of age and gender. Whereas conventional personal training provides temporary effects such as strength improvement and dieting, conditioning emphasizes sustaining the body in a better, healthier state. Conditioning is truly training for your Well-being.
We additionally offer personalized programs including poolside yoga and aqua running appropriate for the season and time of day.

QUALITY 3 Well-being dining through food

With free-flowing ideas, we create crossover food, a new genre of food that is gentle on your mind and body. All Day Dining DAICHINO RESTAURANT aims to create delicious dishes based on Japanese food combined with the essence of cuisines from various countries.

A new form of a simple and satisfying hotel breakfast


A new form of a simple and
satisfying hotel breakfast

The SORANO HOTEL breakfast is a gentle Well-being breakfast with a sincere commitment to the ingredients as it offers a vegetable-centered meal while incorporating items such as fermented foods.
A good day starts with a nourishing breakfast. Our breakfast slowly settles into your body and rejuvenates you mentally and physically. Start your day with a restored mind and body with a rich breakfast made with carefully selected ingredients and recipe.

A gateway for food – Ingredients focusing on local charms and the right crop for the right land


A gateway for food
– Ingredients focusing on local charms and the right crop for the right land

What is attractive about Tachikawa, Tokyo – home to SORANO HOTEL – is that it is closer than central Tokyo to the production sites of ingredients. We are enthusiastic about sharing the attractiveness of local ingredients harvested in not only Tachikawa but the rich farmlands of the neighboring Tama, Chichibu, and Koshin regions.
The Tama, Chichibu, and Koshin regions are blessed with rich vegetables, and many producers grow their crops with special farming methods. We receive fresh vegetables from Yamanashi Prefecture’s Uenohara Herb Garden, a pesticide-free farm. The pork that we use, reputed for its high quality and tenderness, is a brand called Yawara Pork grown at the Furukawa Pig Farm, the only pig farm in Tachikawa. We are also selective about our seasonings and use Kikkogo Marudaizu Soy Sauce from Kondo Brewery, the only soy sauce maker in Tokyo boasting a 150-year history in Akiruno City, as well as Tenjo Mirin (sweet cooking sake) made only with domestic glutinous rice and no added sugar for brewing, made by Toshimaya Sake Brewery in Higashimurayama City. We will continue to share many of the wonderful locally rooted ingredients that carry the thoughts of the producers.
At the same time, we use the idea of “the right crop for the right land”, which takes the concept of “local production for local consumption” one step further, as a major pillar for food at the hotel. Inherently rich seasonal ingredients can only be grown naturally and without strain in a climate suited for such crops. Procuring the best ingredients from the best locations is indeed a way to select ingredients with Well-being in mind.

A gateway for food – Ingredients focusing on local charms and the right crop for the right land

As for drinks, we provide wine and Japanese sake that reflect the terroir. We also care about offering a selective drink menu. To commemorate the opening of the hotel and the 100th anniversary of the hotel’s owner, Tachihi Holdings, we produced original spumante in collaboration with Astoria, a producer of high-quality wine based in Veneto, Italy, and the hotel’s original sake “Tachihi No Sora” made with organic rice.
Our desire to share the allure of these ingredients with our guests and conspicuously display their high quality led to the establishment of three cellar rooms inside DAICHINO RESTAURANT. We have also made it possible for guests to see the chefs preparing those ingredients in an open kitchen. We believe that creating a dining environment that shows what ingredients are used and how they are prepared for a safe and delicious dining experience is part of SORANO dining and Well-being dining.

At the foot of Mt. Fuji is where we found delicious 100% natural water.


At the foot of Mt. Fuji is where we found delicious 100% natural water. We cook and furnish our guest rooms and spa with one of Japan’s best ultra-soft water.

After trying many kinds of natural water in our search for the most delicious one, we found “Fujinoyusui”, ultra-soft natural mineral water with a hardness of 24 mg/L. It is 100% natural water sampled at an altitude of approximately 950 meters and pumped from a deep well reaching beyond 200 meters underground in an area in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park where the Mt. Fuji environment and landscape are most strictly preserved.
Mt. Fuji, which has heavy rainfall, has no rivers, so the rain and melted snow seep into layers of hard basalt and are refined over many years, resulting in good-tasting water full of natural minerals.



Energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate


Fujinoyusui has a gentle mouthfeel and contains a large amount of a natural mineral called vanadium. This mineral has gained the attention of the health-conscious community. The abundance of vanadium in the water is said to account for the pleasant taste of Fujinoyusui.
This natural, delicious Fujinoyusui is used at the SORANO HOTEL for cooking (excluding pretreatment of ingredients) and furnishing in guest rooms and the SORANO SPA.

Using ultra-soft water to make delicious “dashi”

Using ultra-soft water to make delicious “dashi”

SORANO HOTEL dining offers crossover food created by a combination of Japanese cuisine with essences of various dishes. The base of Japanese food is “dashi” stock. After trying many types of water for making excellent stock, our chefs selected this Fujinoyusui.
In flavorsome dashi, the three components of water, kelp, and bonito perfectly melt into each other for a savory umami taste composed of amino acids. Glutamic acid, which is an amino acid and the source of umami in kelp, is difficult to extract with hard water and easy to extract with soft water. In this way, water has a great impact on the taste of dashi. With a hardness of 24 m/L, Fujinoyusui is one of Japan’s top-class ultra-soft waters and can be said to be the best water for extracting delicious dashi.SORANO HOTEL’s house dashi is made with kelp and bonito, a combination of glutamic acid (kelp dashi) and inosinic acid (bonito dashi) that enhances the umami taste.

Delicious, safe, and reliable Fujinoyusui is provided in new environmentally friendly containers.

Delicious, safe, and reliable Fujinoyusui is provided in new environmentally friendly containers.

With safety and the environment in mind, Fujinoyusui is delivered in new containers (8 L and 12 L) mainly for use with water servers in offices and homes. These unique containers maintain the freshness of the natural water with a structure that limits contact with the air. They are also easy to carry and can be easily folded and discarded after use, making them the ideal environmental choice for the SORANO HOTEL where Well-being is the concept.

In our guest rooms, this delicious Fujinoyusui is provided in special large containers reflecting
our choice not to use plastic bottled water.

QUALITY 4 Pursuing new allure of hotels with free thinking and innovations not bound by the practices of conventional hotels

Aiming for high grade and high quality not bound by conventional hotel categories


Aiming for high grade and high quality
not bound by conventional hotel categories

SORANO HOTEL is neither a conventional full-service hotel (with general hotel functions including accommodations, restaurant, bar, room service, and banquet halls) nor a consumption-based luxury hotel with deluxe amenities. However, the guest rooms boast high quality and outstanding grade in terms of size and specifications as well as excellent design and uniqueness, and on the top floor is an impressive infinity pool that is hard to find elsewhere. With our sole dining facility, we aim to achieve fun hotel dining with new sensibilities and innovations appropriate for the era, and in terms of service, we are free, flexible, and not bound by conventional practice as we strive to achieve high guest satisfaction from the guest’s perspective. Furthermore, environmental consideration is an important aspect of hotel management, with Well-being for both people and the environment. We hope to be an approachable, friendly hotel that respects a comfortable distance with our guests while maintaining a high quality of service as we aim to be a high-grade, high-quality hotel free of the confines of conventional hotel standards.

SORANO HOTEL does not request a service charge.


No service charge
is requested at the SORANO HOTEL.

A service charge is generally billed at hotels. However, SORANO HOTEL does not request a service charge for use of our guest rooms, restaurant, and other facilities inside the hotel.
SORANO HOTEL is a lifestyle hotel. As needs differ for every guest, we offer hospitality tailored to the lifestyle of each guest. We do not provide predetermined services that impose on guests how a hotel ought to be. It is not our style to apply a uniform service charge on guests with varying needs. This is because basic “hospitality” provided by a hotel is “hospitality that is a matter of course”.

There is no extra bed charge in the guest room.


There is no extra bed charge
in the guest room.

Maximum occupancy is set for each room type. The basic room type – Sky King Park View – accommodates up two guests, the Premier Park View accommodates up to three guests, and the Wa Modern Park View and Wa Modern Garden Terrace each accommodate up to four guests. The room rates remain the same whether the stay is by one guest or four guests. A fee for extra beds will not be charged even if extra beds are used to sleep additional guests. With a flat rate, the price per guest decreases when three or four guests stay in the room. This is one of the allures of the spacious SORANO HOTEL guest rooms.