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The SORANO SPA launches 5 new purpose-based personal training programs

SORANO SPA 5 Purpose-based Conditioning Personal Training
Five New Purpose-based Conditioning Personal Training

At the Sorano Hotel, we promote Well-being, which also lies at the core of the SORANO SPA where we offer conditioning training, which focuses on conditioning your body to sustain good health conditions. Here we introduce our five new personal programs based on the purpose of your training.

Posture Improvement Posture Improvement

1. Posture Improvement

Did you know that the posture that is generally recognized as good is actually associated with your body’s unwellness? Our Sorano Spa trainer analyzes your physical movements and aims to solve hunched back, pot belly, text neck, and other ailments from the source of the problem.

2. Golf Performance

How can you improve your distance and reduce stress on your hip and knees during your swing? Many golfers feel that it is ineffective to blindly review their golf swing and do strength training. Instead, improve your performance by taking a hint from the functional kinetic chain of your hip joint and thoracic vertebrae.

Golf Performance Golf Performance

Locomo Locomo

3. Locomo

Locomo, or locomotive syndrome, describes a condition of decreased ability to move, such as standing and walking. The condition is caused by a deterioration of your motor system, which includes bones, joints, nerves, and muscles. Moderate physical activity is expected to improve the condition as our program aims to maintain and increase muscle mass.

4. Getting in Shape

For your health and beauty, tighten up your hip, waist, and upper arms with our exercises. Here, we teach you various exercises so that you can continue your workouts at home. Effectiveness is increased by doing aerobic exercises after working on your muscles.

Getting in Shape Getting in Shape

Mindfulness Mindfulness

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness literally means to keep in your mind, and the objective is to acquire a breathing technique to calm your mind. Mindfulness increases the amount of secretion of serotonin, a happy hormone. In today’s stress-filled society, many people’s bodies are actually conditioned so that even normal breathing is difficult, so by learning the correct breathing techniques, you will be able to comfortably practice mindfulness at home or work.

Conditioning Training Consultant
Takashi Ichimizu

・Nationally licensed physical therapist
・Japan Sports Association athletic trainer
・Functional Movement Systems Certified FMS Lv2
・Selective Functional Movement Assessment SFMA Lv2
・Fundamental Capacity Screen FCS
・National Academy of Sports Medicine  Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
・TPI Golf Fitness Lv1
・National Strength and Conditioning Association (U.S.A.)  Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
・Completion of the ViPR license certification course – Instructor
・Completion of the TRX®Suspension Training Course (STC) – Instructor

Personal Training Fees

Hotel guests:60 mins. 9,900 yen (tax inclusive)
Hotel visitors:50 mins. 9,900 yen (tax inclusive)

Hotel Visitors
Visitors are kindly asked to purchase coupon tickets (please sign your full name). A 5-ticket set is JPY49,500 (tax inclusive) . We offer a 30-minute trial session with your purchase, so please give it a try. (By reservation only; SORANO SPA: +81(0)42-540-7860)
Coupon tickets come with a one-hour pass per ticket for use of our SORANO SPA facilities (Infinity Pool, Indoor Spa, Nano-mist Sauna). *The SORANO SPA facilities can be used for one hour after completion of personal training. An extension fee applies for use exceeding one hour.

【Coupon Tickets】

  5 tickets:    49,500 yen (tax inclusive)  

*Valid for six months from the date of issue.

For First-Time Visitors
For Free Members
  • Earn 15% points on your stay and use them for 1 yen per point on your next stay.
  • Complimentary use of the SORANO HOTEL’s iconic Infinity Pool (normally 2,200 yen per guest per night) for all guests in the room.
  • A special gift from a choice of six.