About the Go To Travel Campaign Announcing the start of campaign package sales ※Temporarily suspended

Following the notification by the Go To Travel Campaign Office, application of the campaign will be temporarily suspended.

Following the official eligibility of travel to and from Tokyo for the Go To Travel Campaign, SORANO HOTEL has started accepting reservations for campaign packages.

Applicable packages:
Campaign discounts apply to the following five packages.
・  Go To Travel Discount Grand Opening Package
– Our most popular package with a special DAICHINO RESTAURANT breakfast and special rates.
・  2020/2021 New Year’s Holiday Package 
– We place importance on offering a comfortable stay for families and couples with whom you can be most at ease.
A Go To Travel Campaign “Too Good for Just One Night!
Two Nights for a Better Deal at the SORANO HOTEL”

We are offering our consecutive nights package for you to enjoy a leisurely grown-up getaway. 
  Watsu Aqua Relaxation Package
– The relaxing effect along with the water pressure, massage, and stretching balance your autonomic nervous system.
SPA Treatment Package
– Choose a room and a spa treatment for a restoring SORANO STAY perfect for you!

To apply the discount:
1.  Please first make a reservation from our official website. The Go To Travel Campaign discount is not applied upon completion of the package reservation. (The price before the 35% discount is shown.)
2.  After making the reservation, go to STAYNAVI (external link), and apply for the Go To Travel Campaign discount. (Please enter the hotel name, reservation amount, and other required information.)
3.  A discount coupon will be issued. The discount will be applied when you present the discount coupon number at check-in.

Important Notes about SORANO Loyalty Program Membership Benefits
Members              If you are a SORANO Loyalty Program member using the abovementioned campaign package, please be advised that points will not be awarded as the Go To Travel Campaign discount does not apply to loyalty point products. However, the SORANO SPA (infinity pool, indoor spa, nano-mist sauna, etc.) facilities are available for free throughout your stay.
Non-members:   A fee of 2,200 yen (tax included) per person is charged for use of the SORANO SPA. However, by registering for the SORANO Loyalty Program, the SORANO SPA will be available for free by all guests in the same room, so please apply. Please note that points will not be awarded for Go To Travel Campaign packages.

If you wish to receive SORANO Loyalty Program points, please use the “Go to Sorano Hotel Exclusive 35% OFF Package for Tokyo Residents” offered independently by the SORANO HOTEL. The discount is applied to the same Grand Opening Package, which is offered at the same price and discount rate as the Go To Travel Campaign. As always, a reward of 15% and free use of the SORANO SPA are included as benefits.

About Go To Travel's coupons 
The coupons can be used at the hotel's facilities including  DAICHINO RESTAURANT, ROOFTOP BAR, SORANO SPA.

If you have any questions, please contact SORANO HOTEL Room Reservations at 042-540-7776.

BOOK NOW ! (SORANO Loyalty program members and new members)

Go To Travel Discount Grand Opening Package

2020/2021 New Year’s Holiday Package

Consecutive Nights Package

Watsu Aqua Relaxation Package

Spa Treatment Package

STAYNAVI (external link)