At the foot of Mt. Fuji is where we found delicious 100% natural water. We cook and furnish our guest rooms and spa with one of Japan’s best ultra-soft water.

After trying many kinds of natural water in our search for the most delicious one, we found “Fujinoyusui”, ultra-soft natural mineral water with a hardness of 24 mg/L. It is 100% natural water sampled at an altitude of approximately 950 meters and pumped from a deep well reaching beyond 200 meters underground in an area in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park where the Mt. Fuji environment and landscape are most strictly preserved.
Mt. Fuji, which has heavy rainfall, has no rivers, so the rain and melted snow seep into layers of hard basalt and are refined over many years, resulting in good-tasting water full of natural minerals.


Fujinoyusui has a gentle mouthfeel and contains a large amount of a natural mineral called vanadium. This mineral has gained the attention of the health-conscious community. The abundance of vanadium in the water is said to account for the pleasant taste of Fujinoyusui.
Energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate    0
Sodium     0.53 mg
Calcium      0.62 mg
Magnesium  0.21 mg
Potassium  0.10 mg
Vanadium  82 μg/ℓ
pH  8.4
Hardness  24 mg/ℓ

This natural, delicious Fujinoyusui will be used at the SORANO HOTEL for cooking (excluding pretreatment of ingredients) and furnishing in guest rooms and the SORANO SPA.

About the quality:
Fujinoyusui is 100% natural mineral water completely free of artificial minerals, preservatives, and other additives. The Fujinoyusui manufacturing plant is located at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji at an altitude of about 950 meters. All processes including sampling, filtration, heat sterilization, packaging, and shipping are performed under strict quality control at the plant. The factory has obtained an ISO 22000 certification for food safety management and an FSSC 22000 international standard certification for food safety.

Using ultra-soft water to make delicious “dashi”
SORANO HOTEL dining offers crossover food created by a combination of Japanese cuisine with essences of various dishes. The base of Japanese food is “dashi” stock. After trying many types of water for making excellent stock, our chefs selected this Fujinoyusui.

In flavorsome dashi, the three components of water, kelp, and bonito perfectly melt into each other for a savory umami taste composed of amino acids. Glutamic acid, which is an amino acid and the source of umami in kelp, is difficult to extract with hard water and easy to extract with soft water. In this way, water has a great impact on the taste of dashi. With a hardness of 24 m/L, Fujinoyusui is one of Japan’s top-class ultra-soft waters and can be said to be the best water for extracting delicious dashi.

SORANO HOTEL’s house dashi is made with kelp and bonito, a combination of glutamic acid (kelp dashi) and inosinic acid (bonito dashi) that enhances the umami taste.

Delicious, safe, and reliable Fujinoyusui is provided in new environmentally friendly containers.

With safety and the environment in mind, Fujinoyusui is delivered in new containers (8 L and 12 L) mainly for use with water servers in offices and homes. These unique containers maintain the freshness of the natural water with a structure that limits contact with the air. They are also easy to carry and can be easily folded and discarded after use, making them the ideal environmental choice for the SORANO HOTEL where Well-being is the concept.
In our guest rooms, this delicious Fujinoyusui will be provided in special large containers reflecting our choice not to use plastic bottled water.