Sorano Quality

SORANO QUALITY ③ーAppointment of a people- and earth-friendly guest room control system Experience the soothing comfort of the “welcome scene”

Check in to the hotel and arrive at your guest room.
Open the door, and the gentle light turns on automatically.
Soon you notice the electric curtain slowly opening in front of you, revealing the large window from which the greenery of Showa Kinen Park steadily comes into view.

This is the “welcome scene” at SORANO HOTEL guest rooms which are full of pleasant surprises.
The automatic lighting and curtain are set to operate when the door is unlocked for the first time after the guest checks in.

SORANO HOTEL rooms are appointed with myRoom, a guest- and environment-friendly next-generation control system by Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. that links guest room light, temperature, and shade control with the hotel management system (PMS).

The system used at the SORANO HOTEL has three main features.
1. All the lighting in the guest room can be adjusted at once so the rooms can be lit in extraordinary style with the touch of a button without the necessity of setting up numerous lights and dimmers individually. At the SORANO HOTEL, guests can select from three preset lighting options according to preferences and the time of day. Along with the “welcome scene” above, there are settings for “Day” (90% brightness), “Night” (a darker setting with 40% brightness), and “Midnight” (foot lights and route lights).

2. As for air conditioning, a data log can be collected for each room for analysis every six months or year to use for business improvement. Conventionally, room temperatures were set based on the experience of the hotel staff, but at the SORANO HOTEL, it is possible to set the temperature for each room to more accurately reflect the actual situation of the guest based on the collected data. Reducing the rapid rise and fall of the temperature stabilizes the energy supply and creates great ecological benefits.

3. A motion detector is installed on the ceiling to detect the presence of people for automatic adjustment of the temperature. An automatic setting to raise or lower the temperature when the guest exits or enters the room provides constantly stable operation of the air conditioner for steady energy supply, leading to energy saving. The system can help to relieve discomfort when the guest returns to the room, such as the room temperature being too high or too low or the air being stagnant due to the air conditioning being switched off.

The SORANO HOTEL emphasized this energy-saving feature when selecting this guest room control system as the hotel aims to create a comfortable guest room environment while being an earth-friendly property.