Travel in Threes! Conditioning Training Trial Package

The SORANO Short Trip offers a bit of the extra-ordinary for groups of three! A designated trainer leads the three guests in a conditioning program experience.

At SORANO HOTEL whose concept is Well-being – a wholesome experience to invigorate the mind and body, we offer a Well-being experience with conditioning training at the SORANO SPA Gym Studio. Restoring the bodily functions inherent in each of us is a natural way to attain individual goals (such as getting in shape, improving body balance, alleviating stiff shoulders and knee and lower back pains, improving functions, and increasing muscle strength). Our program is based on medical rationale and catered to each person, so the training is effective for guests of all ages and genders, whether the person is an athlete or a senior guest. While conventional training yields temporary results (such as increased muscle strength and dieting), conditioning focuses on sustaining a healthier and better condition for your body, which is precisely a program for achieving Well-being.
At SORANO HOTEL, we offer a special package for introducing our guests to conditioning training. For stays by three guests per room, one trainer will be assigned to the three guests who can try out our conditioning training program.

*Conditioning is available for guests 16 years of age and over.

Conditioning Trial Program

1. Counseling Consult with the trainer in advance about your body’s problem areas.
2. 3D Body Scan Use the latest device to evaluate body composition including body posture, muscle mass, and fat volume.
3. Movement Evaluation Do simple movements such as bending forward and extending your limbs for motion analysis and range of motion measurements used to evaluate the habits of your body’s movements.
4. Feedback   By finding out your body’s current condition, you can find out what is necessary to achieve the ideal condition.
5. Corrective Exercise Do exercises necessary for alleviating stiffness in your body and improving your posture.
6. Functional Training  Do a solid workout using your entire body to regain your body’s freedom of motion.
Location:  SORANO SPA Gym Studio (10th floor)
Time:    45 minutes to 1 hour (by reservation only)
*When booking, please enter your desired time in the comment field. The time will be fixed at check-in.
Package details
Package Name: Travel in Threes! Conditioning Training Trial Package
Valid Dates: May 12 ( Tuesday) June 8 (Monday), 2020 to March 31 (Wednesday), 2021
Rates: 3 guests per room
Premier Park View: From 50,028 yen per night, tax inclusive (from 16,676 yen per guest)
*In addition to the above fees, please settle at checkout the Tokyo accommodation tax payment of 100 yen or 200 yen charged per guest per night depending on the accommodation fee per guest.
*A service charge does not apply.
*Accommodations are also available for two and four guests. Please see the rates on our booking page.

*Conditioning is available for guests 16 years of age and over.

Breakfast at All Day Dining DAICHINO RESTAURANT is on us when you book this package. Our Well-being “Light” Breakfast is a delightfully light breakfast that focuses on the quality and excellent taste of the ingredients.
Also enjoy the Infinity Pool for free!
  Register for the SORANO Loyalty Program and book this package to receive complimentary vouchers for three guests to use the hotel’s iconic Infinity Pool on the 11th floor (normally 2,200 yen per guest, tax inclusive). Please log in and book from the Special Offers page.

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