Restaurant & Bar Menus for Enjoying a Taste of Spring from March 16 (Thursday), 2023

Taste of Spring Mini Kaiseki Course
Festa Italiana ~ Primavera ~
a la carte menu
Feel the advent of spring as the cold subsides and gives way to vibrant flowers and plants. Our new restaurant & bar menus filled with seasonal ingredients start on March 16. Celebrate new life events and enjoy meals with friends with our springtime menus. *Our new menu will be available starting on March 16 (Thursday).

DAICHINO RESTAURANT Exciting New Spring Menu

Our 2 Lunch Sets: "Lunch Gozen Set Meal", "Lunch Kaiseki Course"
Our two popular lunch sets at Daichino Restaurant offer a casual meal of mouthwatering seasonal selections. Satisfy your appetite with a luxurious presentation of hand selected ingredients. *Our new menu will be available starting on March 16 (Thursday).
”Lunch Gozen Set Meal”  2,900 yen (3,190 yen tax inclusive)
Our affordable and popular Lunch Gozen includes a satisfying variety of seasonal flavors served in a wooden box. After your meal, enjoy a seasonal dessert at the terrace in the comfortable spring weather. (Our sweets & drink set is available for an additional 1,100 yen tax inclusive.)

Salad    Lemony SERI Parsley and Spring Vegetable Salad
GOZEN  - Mountain Vegetable Tempura with Matcha Salt
  - Simmered Bamboo Shoot and Wakame Seaweed
  - Saikyo Miso Flavored GINGAREI Halibut
  - Seared Pacific Bluefin Tuna with Homemade RAYU Chunky Chili Oil and Condiments
  - Tender Simmered Tachikawa Brand "YAWARATON" Pork with Mustard
  - Tender Simmered Octopus with Tomato and Watercress
Rice   White SORANO Rice Served with Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Soup   Clear Soup with Kombu Kelp and Dried Bonito, Kuruma Fu Wheat Gluten and Canola Flower 

*Add 1,100 yen tax inclusive to make it a dessert & drink set.
"Lunch Kaiseki Course"   5,200 yen per guest (5,720 yen tax inclusive)
Chirashi sushi reminiscent of spring, colorful spring vegetables, and refreshing seafood and desserts are a feast for your eyes and palate. This lunch set is recommended for casual celebrations and entertainment.

Lunch Kaiseki Course

Salad SORANO Salad with 15 Fresh Vegetables
Soup  Sakura Shrimp Dumpling with KINOME Pepper Leaf
Variety dish   Seasonal Decoration - Advent of Spring
Main Japanese-style Acqua Pazza with Wild Red Sea Bream Spiced with Ginger 
Rice Conger Eel Chirashi Sushi, Homemade Miso Soup and Pickled Vegetables
Dessert "TACHIHI NO SORA" Junmai Daiginjo Sake Lee Ice Cream, Showa Kinen Park Honey and NATSUMIKAN Summer Orange a la Mimosa 


Our 3 Dinner Courses: "Taste of Spring Mini Kaiseki Course", "Special Spring Kaiseki Dinner Course", and "Advent of Spring Seasonal Kaiseki Course"
Each course offers the savory flavors of spring ingredients. Spring vegetables with just the right amount of bitterness and springtime fish with light flavors go well with Japanese sake. We offer a choice of three dinner courses: Taste of Spring Mini Kaiseki Course, Special Spring Kaiseki Dinner Course, and Advent of Spring Seasonal Kaiseki Course.
"Taste of Spring Mini Kaiseki Course"  8,500 yen per guest (9,350 yen tax inclusive)

Starter Salad of Fresh Vegetables from Contract Farmers and Spring
Hot Dish   Itou Poultry Farm Egg and Shrimp Dumpling with Canola Flower and KINOME Pepper Leaf
Sashimi 'Three Varieties of Seasonal Sashimi
Main *Please select one item from below.
  ① Conger Eel, White Fish, Mountain Vegetable Tempura with Grated Carrot and Daikon Radish
  ② Herb grilled "SHINGENDORI" Chicken with Spring Burdock Purée and Grilled Vegetables
Rice White SORANO Rice, Red Miso Soup, Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Dessert Strawberry and Tachikawa "KINGOMA" Sesame Tart with Refreshing Strawberry Sherbet
"Special Spring Kaiseki Dinner Course"  10,500 yen per guest (11,550 yen tax inclusive)

"Special Spring Kaiseki Dinner Course"

Starter Shibetsu Town Scallop and Tomato Gelée with Bonito Flake and KINOME Pepper Leaf
Soup  Clear Soup with Shibetsu Town KAREI Flatfish Dressed with Yoshino Kudzu Arrowroot, Dried Sea Cucumber and Crazy Peas 
Appetizer  Mountain Vegetable Salad with Firefly Squid and Cuttlefish Kombu Kelp Gelée flavored with Perilla, Homemade KARASUMI Mullet Roe 
Fish Overnight-dried Wild Red Sea Bream with Grilled Bamboo Shoot, Kombu Kelp, and Pickled MYOGA Ginger
Main Nasu Goto Farm "GOTOGYU" Beef poached in Bonito Consommé, Spring Garnish
Rice Grilled Sakura Shrimp Rice Ball, Yuba Bean Curd and Garland Chrysanthemum with Glaze, Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Dessert Sakura Mochi with Domyoji Powder and Tamba DAINAGON Adzuki Red Beans. Strawberry and Sake Lee Ice Cream
"Advent of Spring Seasonal Kaiseki Course"  12,800 yen per guest (14,080 yen tax inclusive)

Starter Mountain Vegetables and Kuruma Prawn dressed with Kombu Kelp Vinaigrette, Saffron Froth and Butterbur Scape Purée 
Soup  HAMAGURI Clam Soup with WARABI Bracken Fern and KINOME Pepper Leaf
Sashimi Lattice-cut Red Sea Bream and Strawfire grilled Bonito with Seto Inland Sea Salt
Simmered dish  Simmered "SHINGENDORI" Chicken and Bamboo Shoot, Chicken Stock Glaze with SERI Parsley and Bonito Flakes
Fish Cherry Salmon Marinated in Yuan Soy Souce Grilled to Perfection.  Field Peas and Dried Tomato cooked with Kudzu Arrowroot, KINOME Pepper Leaf 
Meat Chargrilled Nasu Goto Farm "GOTOGYU" Beef Sirloin with Okutama Wasabi
Rice Seasoned Rice with Simmered Conger Eel and Ginger, Red Miso Soup, Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Dessert Sakura Mochi with Domyoji Powder and Tamba DAINAGON Adzuki Red Beans. Strawberry and Sake Lee Ice Cream
Advent of Spring À la Carte Menu
Savor the unique flavors of Daichino Restaurant with items of your choice from over 30 varieties of à la carte menus.


DAICHINO SALAD - 2023 Spring Ver. - (Serves 2-4) 2,800 yen (3,080 yen tax inclusive)

DAICHINO SALAD is characterized by the seasonal change of ingredients, which number nearly 30 varieties.and cooking methods.
Please enjoy the natural flavors of the ingredients available for limited times. 
Conger Eel and Spring Mountain Vegetable Tempura with Savory Dashi Stock
Conger Eel and Spring Mountain Vegetable Tempura with Savory Dashi Stock  1,800 yen (1,980 yen tax inclusive) 
Sakura Mochi with Domyoji Powder and Tamba DAINAGON Adzuki Red Beans. Strawberry and Sake Lee Ice Cream
Sakura Mochi with Domyoji Powder and Tamba DAINAGON Adzuki Red Beans. Strawberry and Sake Lee Ice Cream  1,200 yen (1,320 yen tax inclusive)


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SORANO ROOFTOP BAR (11th floor) 

ROOFTOP BAR Autumn Italian Course  *Our new menu will be available starting on September 15 (Thursday).

Festa Italiana! ~ Primavera ~  5,500 yen (6,050 yen tax inclusive)
Here is our Rooftop Bar’s Italian course abounding in spring ingredients. Gorgeous greens, yellows, and reds combined with a refreshing yet slightly bitter taste for mature palates fill your experience with excitement. Enjoy lunch warmed by the glow of the spring sun or dinner set amidst the sunset sky. *This course is available from March 16 (Thursday), 2023.

Festa Italiana! ~ Primavera ~

Aperitivo Homemade Pain Perdu topped with Firefly Squid from Hyogo Touch of Anchovy 
  Pain perdu of bread soaked in eggs and fried From the ingredients, it is difficult to imagine what this French toast is like,
  but you will find how well it goes with alcohol.
Antipasto  Smoked Salmon Confit Spring Green Purée and Japan-grown Asparagus
  For the antipasto, we offer salmon smoked at our restaurant. Asparagus and pureed spring beans give this dish vibrant colors.
Pasta Sakura Shrimp, Canola Flower, Pancetta Linguine Aglio e Olio
  Oil-based pasta perfect for spring with plenty of sakura shrimp and canola flower and a salty kick from homemade pancetta
Carnet "YAWARATON" Pork Loin Piccata with Sauteed Spring Vegetables Balsamic Sauce and Tomato Fondue
  Italian piccata of Yawaraton characterized by good quality pork fat sauteed with an egg coating - try it with tomato fondue.
Dolce Tochigi Strawberry and Diplomat Cream Tart Raspberry and Milk Marble Gelato
  Diplomat cream made with custard and heavy cream is the perfect complement to strawberries in season. 
  Enjoy it with moderately tart gelato.
Coffee or Tea   Fair trade coffee or TWG tea selection

*Menu items and production sites may vary depending on the availability of ingredients.

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