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Restaurant & Bar New Winter Menus Starting on December 15 (Thursday), 2022

We offer special winter menus to warm your body and mind on the cold days ahead. Enjoy SORANO HOTEL dishes that are easy on your body.

DAICHINO RESTAURANT New Menus to Warm Your Body and Mind

Our Two Luxurious yet Reasonable Lunch Sets
Our winter lunch set was crafted by our head chef who wanted to give you a generous taste of Tokyo, Tachikawa, and Tama. Enjoy the gentle bounties of winter prepared with Japanese flavors.
Lunch Set SORA ~ Taste of Winter Gozen ~ 2,900 yen (3,190 yen tax inclusive)
The local ingredients of Tachikawa and Tama take center stage in our wooden lunch box filled with the five flavors, our warm salad, and soup. Here is a lunch set that is so tasty and reasonable that you will never grow tired of it. Also add a dessert & drink set after your meal (for an additional 1,100 yen tax inclusive).

Salad  Warmth of Winter SORANO Salad
Five Flavor Set   Miso-Marinated SAWARA Spanish Mackerel
  - EBI-IMO Taro and Tofu with Ground Meat Glaze Flavored with SANSHO Pepper
  - Scallop Marinade with Tachikawa Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  - White Meat Fish Flavored with “AGUNI” Salt, Winter Vegetables, MAKOMBU Kelp Soy Sauce
  - Fried “SHINGENDORI” Chicken Galantine with Apple Black Vinegar Sauce and Homemade Tartar Sauce
  - Straw-Smoked Tachikawa Brand “YAWARATON” Pork with Tokyo Sayama Tea Paste
Soup Itou Poultry Farm Egg Tofu with MAKOMBU Kelp and Bonito Broth
Rice SORANO Rice
Lunch Set DAICHI ~ Tokyo Winter Kaiseki ~ 5,200 yen (5,720 yen tax inclusive)
Our winter lunch kaiseki course makes excellent use of the delicious flavors of Tachikawa vicinity ingredients. Chawanmushi (egg custard) and ochazuke (rice with broth) are warming menus perfect for the cold season. Our carefully crafted lunch kaiseki is recommended for meals with significant others or business partners.

Starter Three Seasonal Dishes - Heavenly Bamboo Decoration -
Warm Appetizer CHAWANMUSHI Featuring Itou Poultry Farm Eggs
Appetizer   SORANO Salad with 15 Fresh Vegetable
Main Straw-Smoked Tachikawa Brand “YAWARATON” Pork à la Ginger Charcuterie
Rice Winter Amberjack Marinated in Tokyo Akiruno Kikkogo Soy Sauce and Kujo Green Onion, with Tokyo Sayama Tea Broth Over Rice
Dessert “TACHIHI NO SORA” Junmai Daiginjo Lee Ice Cream
Our Restaurant’s Three Taste of Winter Dinner Courses
DAICHINO RESTAURANT presents special menus featuring the savory flavors of ingredients enhanced by the advent of winter. The Mini Kaiseki is perfect for a family meal, the Special Kaiseki is our chef’s top recommendation, and the Seasonal Kaiseki is filled with seasonal bounties. Enjoy your dinner in luxury with our abounding hot sake selection.
Taste of Winter Mini Kaiseki Course 8,500 yen (9,350 yen tax inclusive)

Salad  SORANO Salad with 15 Fresh Vegetables
Appetizer   Snow Crab Dumplings with Grated Daikon Radish
Sashimi Three Varieties of Seasonal Sashimi
Main *Please choose one dish from below.
  ①"Sauteed “SHINGENDORI” Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce and Winter Vegetables
  ②Tender S immered Tachikawa Brand “ YAWARATON” Pork with Daikon Radish and Camembert Cheese
Rice White SORANO Rice
  Served with Red Miso Soup and Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Dessert Basque Cheesecake with ANKO Sweet Bean and Ippodo Matcha with “WASANBON” Sugar Ice Cream
Special Winter Kaiseki Dinner Course 10,500 yen (11,550 yen tax inclusive)

Starter    Three Seasonal Dishes - Heavenly Bamboo Decoration -      
Warm Appetizer  Snow Crab and Grated Tachikawa Daikon Radish with Itou Poultry Farm “TAMAGOKORO” Egg Tofu
Appetizer Winter Vegetable Salad
Sashimi Thinly Slieced TORAFUGU Blowfish Sashimi with Grated Daikon Radish and Condiments
Main “BUSHUKAMO” Duck Breast and Colorful Vegetables from Koyama Farm
    Served with Duck Jus and Pureed Burdock 
Rice Okutama YAMAME Trout and Lotus Root Grilled Rice Bowl with YUBA Ankake,
  Served with Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Dessert KOGYOKU Apple Tarte Tatin with Brown Sugar Caramel Ice Cream
Abounding Winer Seasonal Kaiseki Course 12,800 yen (14,080 yen tax inclusive)

Starter  Fried TORAFUGU Blowfish Scented with SANSHO Pepper       
Warm Appetizer   “BUSHUKAMO” Duck and Grilled White Leek, MAKOMBU Kelp and Bonito Broth
Appetizer Uenohara Herb Garden Salad with Marinate Scallop from Shibetsu
Sashimi Wild BURI Amberjack Sashimi with Kujo Green Onion and Karami Daikon Radish
Fish Herb-Grilled SAWARA Spanish Mackerel with Sautéed Tachikawa NAMEKO Mushroom and Egg Sauce
Meat Chargrilled Nasu Goto Farm “GOTOGYU” Beef Sirloin with Lily Bulb and Winter Vegetables,“GOTOGYU” Beef Jus Scented with Wild KOMBU Kelp
Rice Seasoned Rice with KINMEDAI Splendid Alfonsino, Served with Red Miso Soup and Homemade Pickled Vegetables
Dessert KOGYOKU Apple Tarte Tatin with Brown Sugar Caramel Ice Cream
Recommended Winter A la Carte
Enjoy what you’d like and as much as you’d like of our a la carte menu. Mix and match our winter dishes for a rich variety of flavors.

DAICHINO SALAD ー 2022 Winter Ver. ー
2,800 yen (3,080 yen tax inclusive)

Daichino Restaurant’s signature dish changes its countenance every season. Our winter salad features the winter vegetables sweetened for the harvest.

Seasoned Rice with KINMEDAI Splendid Alfonsino and Lotus Root, Served with Red Miso Soup and Homemade Pickled Vegetables ( Serves 2 )
2,600 yen (2,860 yen tax inclusive)

The enticing aroma of freshly-cooked rice and mitsuba parsley wafts through the air the moment you open the lid. Fluffy, buttery splendid alfonsino and crunchy lotus root are the stars of this exquisite dish.

Chargrilled Hokkaido Ezo Venison Loin with Winter Vegetables Fig and DAITOKUJI NATTO Sauce
3,000 yen  (3,300 yen tax inclusive)

Savor the rich flavor of slowly chargrilled Hokkaido venison with a specially-prepared sauce.

KOGYOKU Apple Tarte Tatin with Brown Sugar Caramel Ice Cream
1,200 yen  (1,320 yen tax inclusive)

Top off your meal with a traditional French tarte tatin with refreshingly sweet and tart KOGYOKU apples.


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ROOFTOP BAR Taste of Winter Italian Course

Our chef’s specially-prepared Italian course offers a luxurious taste of winter.
Beyond the crystal-clear sky rises the distant silhouette of Mt. Fuji and the breathtaking crimson sunset. The scenery is a part of the gourmet experience at the Rooftop Bar.
Festa Italiana! – Inverno-  5,500yen (6,050 yen tax inclusive)

Quiche featuring Tachikawa’s Yawaraton pork and rich eggs; savory sweet winter vegetables and seafood espuma; body-warming chili pepper arrabbiata pasta; a main dish of tender, mild, good quality veal loin; and smooth chocolate mousse and a special rich milk ice cream dessert served with hot coffee – our deluxe course is our recommendation for the wintry days ahead.
Aperitivo  Homemade Pancetta Made with Tachikawa YAWARATON Pork Caramelized Onion Torta Salata
  Torta salata means quiche in I talian. In this dish with condensed f lavors of savory pancetta and sweet onions. 
Antipasto  Sauteed Winter Cabbage f rom the Earth and Scallop Mar inade Tachikawa-Grown Lemon Oi l and Leek Espuma
  Beneath the sweet Japan-grown winter cabbage are scal lop in season dressed with Tachikawa lemon oil and leek foam. Here is a dish packed with the taste of winter.
Pasta Flavor ful Linguine Arrabiata  Tachikawa-Grown Tomato and Homemade Salsiccia Served with Fluf fy Parmesan Cheese
  Arrabiata made with plenty of Tachikawa-grown tomatoes are spiced with chili peppers and topped with fluffy cheese. Enjoy it with our chef ’s recommended salsiccia sausage.
Carnet Herb-Grilled Veal Loin Sauteed Spinach and Daikoku Hon Shimeji Mushrooms with Rich Madeira Sauce and Porcini Purée
Tender, smooth bob veal loin is coated with bright herbs, grilled, and served in harmony with the rich flavor of mushrooms.
Dolce Smooth Mousse Al Cioccolato with Milk Ice Cream Sans Farine Chocolate and Tart Gr iotte Cherry
  To keep it light at the end of your meal, a double layer of gently melting chocolate is combined with tart griotte cherry sauce.
*Menu items and production sites may vary depending on the availability of ingredients.



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