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【Ended】Tadaima Tokyo Plus – supporting local tourism in Tokyo with the Nationwide Travel Subsidy Program offered by Japan Sales start for the SORANO HOTEL subsidy package

The application has been finished. (October 24th Updated)
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (a public interest incorporated foundation) make use of the nationwide travel subsidy program to implement Tadaima Tokyo Plus, a regional tourism support project for Tokyo. As a registered destination, the Sorano Hotel will start selling exclusive stay packages. At check-in, guests who stay with our package will be issued Tadaima Tokyo Plus Coupons that can be used at registered locations.
*The Tadaima Tokyo Plus Coupon can be used at the front desk, DAICHINO RESTAURANT and IMA LOUNGE starting on October 26 (Wednesday) in SORANO HOTEL. Please note that it cannot be used at SORANO ROOFTOP BAR.

Nationwide Travel Subsidy Program “SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus” Stay Package

October 24 to December 20, 2022 (including checkout on December 21)
* Packages other than the Tadaima Tokyo Plus exclusive package do not meet the conditions for the nationwide travel subsidy and are not eligible for the discount. In order to receive the support discount, please change your existing reservation to a SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus exclusive package from the booking system. (When making a new reservation, please compare and confirm the rates as some existing packages may offer lower rates than subsidy packages.)

Room rates: Per room per night (tax inclusive) 
①    “SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus” Stay Package Breakfast inclusive – Early Bird 30 (*For bookings at least 30 days in advance)
  -  Double occupancy:
    5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 30,480 yen after the discount (From 40,480 yen before the discount)
  - Triple occupancy:
    5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 28,560 yen after the discount (From 43,560 yen before the discount)
  * To book 29 days or less in advance, please select our ② No breakfast package and purchase breakfast from the options.
“SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus” Stay Package No breakfast
  - Double occupancy:
    5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 28,610 yen after the discount (From 38,610 yen before the discount)
  - Triple occupancy:
    5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 23,610 yen after the discount (From 38,610 yen before the discount)

Tadaima Tokyo Coupon Package
Guests who use a SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus package are issued the following coupons at check-in. Coupons can be used at Tadaima Tokyo Plus registered locations. *You can confirm registered locations on the “region PAY” app or the Tadaima Tokyo website.

Coupon amounts
①    Weekdays: 3,000-yen coupon per guest per night
②    Weekends: 1,000-yen coupon per guest per night
Stays on Saturdays, Sundays followed by national holidays, national holidays, and national holidays followed by Saturdays are treated as holidays. All other days are weekdays.
* At the time of check-in, you must fill in the coupon receipt and usage application form.
* A paper coupon with a QR code for charging will be issued. The user should download “region PAY” (a payment app recommended by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government), read the QR code for charging, charge the coupon amount, and scan the QR code displayed at the storefront of the registered property to settle payments. If you do not use a smartphone or the same app, you can use the paper coupon at the property.

Eligibility for the subsidy    
  Must reside in Japan during the subsidy period
Must have proof of having had at least three COVID-19 vaccinations or a negative test result, such as by PCR testing (for all eligible guests)

Important notes:
1.  The subsidy applies for up to seven consecutive nights per guest per stay. There are no limits to the number of stays the subsidy can be used for.
2. The subsidy does not apply to infants staying for free.
3.   The subsidy applies to both individual and group travel.
4.   The subsidy can be used in conjunction with the Tokyo Tourism Promotion Project “Motto Tokyo”. (The Motto Tokyo subsidy will be applied first, after which the nationwide travel subsidy will be calculated based on the price after the Motto Tokyo subsidy has been applied. When used together, the subsidy will be 11,000 yen or more on weekdays and 8,000 yen or more on weekends per person.)
5. If you are using SORANO points, the accommodation fee after using the points will be the amount eligible for subsidies. (Eligible standard amount per person: 5,000 yen or more on weekdays and 2,000 yen or more on holidays) *Please be advised that points cannot be provided in accordance with the Tadaima Tokyo Plus usage regulations.
6.   At check-in, the hotel will confirm one of the following: a record that you have been administered three doses of the COVID vaccine (COVID vaccination certificate) or negative COVID test result (COVID test result notification). Please also present your personal ID card so that the hotel can confirm your identity. Persons who do not present these documents will be ineligible for the subsidy.
7.   Please be advised that this program may be suspended or canceled in accordance with COVID and other circumstances.
8.   Sales end as soon as subsidies allocated to the SORANO HOTEL are exhausted, even if it is during the period of availability.

Other notes:

*Proof of administration of three COVID vaccinations:
Vaccination certificate, vaccination record, national vaccination certification app (Digital Agency), local administration vaccination certification apps (TOKYO vaction, Gunma vaccination record book, etc.)

*Negative COVID test result:
Take either a PCR test, antigen quantitative test, or antigen qualitative test, and present test result notification showing negative results. The notification must include (1) the examinee’s name, (2) test result, (3) testing method, (4) laboratory name, (5) sample collection date, (6) test administrator’s name, and (7) expiration date.

The expiry date of test results is as follows.
[PCR test/Antigen quantitative test] 3 days before your stay and later
[Antigen qualitative test] One day before your stay and later
*This proof is not required by guests under 12 years of age who will be accompanied by a guardian who lives in the same household.

*Personal identification:
National Health Insurance Card, Latter-stage Elderly Health Insurance Card, National Health Insurance Recipient Card for Seniors (government-issued), Driver’s License, Driving Record Certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2012), My Number Card (front), Certificate of Residence, Basic Resident Register Card, Long-term Care Insurance Certificate, Medical Subsidy Certificate for Children, or Disability Certificate


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