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【Ended】Seeking Motto Tokyo users as the program comes into full swing – for 200 allotted guest nights will be selected by a drawing

The application has been finished. (October 27th Updated)
Following the full-scale launch of Motto Tokyo (Tokyo Tourism Promotion Campaign), the SORANO HOTEL accepts bookings for 200 guest nights selected by a drawing. Please apply between 10:00 a.m. on October 24 (Monday) and 6:00 p.m. on October 27 (Thursday). To drawing winners only, we will email instructions on October 28 (Friday) about how to book your stay. If you are interested, please apply by the deadline using the application form provided at the bottom of this page.

* To learn more about the Tokyo tourism promotion campaign (Motto Tokyo), please see https://motto-tokyo.jp/ (Japanese page) or https://www.tcvb.or.jp/jp/news/2022/1007_4901/(Japanese page).

Motto Tokyo (Tokyo Tourism Promotion Campaign)

Application deadline:
From October 24 (Monday)to 6 p.m. on October 27 (Thursday), 2022
*  The drawing will be held on October 28 (Friday). Winners will be contacted starting on October 28 as well.
* The subsidy applies to bookings made starting on October 29. The subsidy does not apply to bookings made before that date.

Applicable travel dates:
November 1 (Tuesday) to December 20 (Tuesday), 2022 (includes checkout on December 21)
* Blackout on November 9 (Wednesday), December 7 (Wednesday) and 14 (Wednesday)

Eligibility for the subsidy:
Tokyo residents who have been vaccinated three times or who test negative for COVID
- Travel in which the place of stay or destination is inside Tokyo (limited to touring around Tokyo)

Room rates:Per room per night (tax inclusive) 
① “SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus” Stay Package Breakfast inclusive – Early Bird 30 (*For bookings at least 30 days in advance)
Double occupancy:
  5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 30,480 yen after the discount (From 40,480 yen before the discount)
Triple occupancy:
  5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 28,560 yen after the discount (From 43,560 yen before the discount)
 * To book 29 days or less in advance, please select our ② No breakfast package and purchase breakfast from the options.

② “SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus” Stay Package No breakfast
Double occupancy:
  5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 28,610 yen after the discount (From 38,610 yen before the discount)
Triple occupancy:
  5,000-yen subsidy per guest per night From 23,610 yen after the discount (From 38,610 yen before the discount)
*Excludes Tokyo accommodation tax.  
Important notes:
1.   The additional subsidy of 1,000 yen per guest per night for guests 18 years of age and under will not be granted for the SORANO HOTEL Motto Tokyo Stay Package.
2. The subsidy applies for up to five consecutive nights per guest per stay. There are no limits to the number of stays the subsidy can be used for.
3. The subsidy applies to both individual and group travel.
4. Please submit the Usage Application Form to the hotel at the time of your stay. (You can also download it from https://motto-tokyo.jp/)
5. At check-in, please present proof of residence in Tokyo. (ID is required for all guests who wish to receive the subsidy.)
6. At check-in, the hotel will confirm one of the following: a record that you have been administered three doses of the COVID vaccine (COVID vaccination certificate) or negative COVID test result (COVID test result notification). Please also present your personal ID card so that the hotel can confirm your identity.
7. SORANO Loyalty Program points will not be awarded for this package.
8. Please set up your device so that you can receive emails from the domain “@soranohotel.com”. Please be advised that we do not reply to inquiries regarding the setup.
9. When used with Tadaima Tokyo Plus, a nationwide travel subsidy program, the Motto Tokyo subsidy will be applied first, after which the Tadaima Tokyo Plus subsidy will be calculated based on the price after the Motto Tokyo subsidy has been applied.

FAQ (Japanese page)

Nationwide Travel Subsidy Program “SORANO Tadaima Tokyo Plus” Stay Package

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be made at least 4 days prior to arrival to avoid cancellation charges. Cancellations within 3 days of arrival are non-refundable.