Autumn Promotional Treatment

Autumn Promotional Treatment

Autumn Promotional Treatment(Until December 23, 2021)

Autumn Promotional Treatment

Head spa for soothing slumber and a fresh awakening

From your head to neck and shoulders to arms, gently at times and rhythmically at others, ASLEEP-AWAKE50 invites you to a comfortable sleep and at the same time, exhilaration when you wake up, which sets this treatment apart from others. Revitalize your body’s control tower—your brain and head—the source of vitality for your future endeavors. Our autumn promotional treatment is available at a special price.
Promotional Treatment ASLEEP-AWAKE50

Anticipated Effects
   Physical Release   Improve blood lymph flow and rid your body of waste
  Eye Relaxation  Alleviate physical ailments caused by strained eyes
  Aging-Care  Treat dark circles and achieve skin one tone lighter
  Mental Release   Tranquilizing effect for full body relaxation and stress relief
Hotel guests  17,600 yen (tax inclusive) Treatment time 60 mins.
Visitors  17,600 yen (tax inclusive) Treatment time 50 mins.
*Visitor charge included

Our New Lineup of Standard Year-Round Products

Two of our limited-time treatments have been added to our standard year-round lineup by popular request.

Autumn Promotional Treatment

● Ka makani in Sorano Sorano-style Hawaiian Lomilomi

Lomilomi is a healing Hawaiian massage with a long history and tradition. Oil is used on your entire body as weight is placed on the therapist’s elbows and arms as they move deeply and rhythmically to loosen your body. This treatment is recommended for guests who prefer a stronger pressure oil treatment.

Lying face down :
Lomilomi for hind legs ⇒ shiatsu for soles ⇒ loosening shoulder blades ⇒ back and buttocks lomilomi hura ⇒ full body lomilomi & stretch
Lying face up :
Foreleg effleurage (hot pack on your stomach) ⇒ neck, shoulder, décolleté treatment ⇒ eye reflexology ⇒ head massage
Hotel guests  29,400 yen (tax inclusive)
Visitors  32,400 yen (tax inclusive)
*Visitor charge included
Price: Lomilomi 70 mins. + head massage, eye reflexology 20 mins. = 90 mins./26,400 yen (tax inclusive)

Beauty &Relax

● Beauty &Relax

Our customized treatment featuring Japanese essential oils of trees and flowers of Japan stimulate your senses and focus on alleviating areas of fatigue. Ultimate relaxation frees your body from stiffness and invites a good night’s sleep. Refresh your mind to restore your beauty.
Hotel guests  19,800 yen (tax inclusive) Treatment time 60 mins.
Visitors  19,800 yen (tax inclusive) Treatment time 50 mins.
*Visitor charge included


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