The SORANO HOTEL’s renewed Anniversary Plan offers a luxurious experience for special celebrations coordinated by the SORANO HOTEL’s attentive guest services team.

Anniversary plan

Celebrate your special occasion in splendor Our attentive team of SORANO HOTEL guest services team coordinates your experience
Celebrate in comfort at the Sorano Hotel – birthdays, anniversaries, longevity, and other special occasions, such as prenuptial meetings of the families and baby’s first meal. Our attentive team of guest services team coordinates your special day following a basic plan and suggestions to meet your requests. Let the Sorano Hotel assist you in creating a memorable experience.
SORANO HOTEL Anniversary Plan  Our basic plan includes the following items.

guest services team

Guest services team
SORANO HOTEL guest services team coordinate your special day according to your requests.

Private Room 12

● Relax in our private room
Spend up to two hours and a half between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. closing/5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. closing.
*Our private room may be unavailable depending on the booking status.


One drink for a toast
One drink is provided for a toast at your meal. Please choose sparkling wine (hotel’s original label spumante) or tea sparkling.


Table flowers (which can also be taken home) or a floral bouquet worth 5,500 yen.

Course meal

Hear an explanation of the dishes from our chef.

Course meal
A seasonal course meal at DAICHINO RESTAURANT
*Special menus are also available at your request.


● Cake
The basic package includes one round cake with a message plate – 15 cm serves up to 8, 21 cm serves 9 or more. *The 15 cm cake is for 5 - 8 guests. ; other sizes are also available for an additional charge.


● Picture
We will also take a picture of you and print out one photo by the time of your departure. 

Optional menu
The options below are also available. Please make your request at the time of your booking.

①Upgrade the main dish to wagyu beef (2,200 yen)
②Sea bream with head and tail (11,000 yen/5,500 yen for children)
③Baby’s first meal set (3,300 yen)
④ Two-hours free drinks (per adult)
 A variety of alcohol and soft drinks is offered.
  >Light plan (3,850 yen/approximately 10 varieties)
  >Standard plan (4,950 yen/approximately 16 varieties)

※②and③are available by reservation by one week before. Cancellations made after noon three days before your visit are subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

●Private RoomFrom 2 guests) 

Price per guest (tax included)
For a party of: 2guests 3guests 4guests  5guests  6guests
  Price per guest:   22,770   19,507   17,875   17,072   16,390 
For a party of: 7guests 8guests 9guests  10guests  11guests
Price per guest:  14,331   14,163   16,769   16,390   16,080 
For a party of: 12guests 13guests 14guests  15guests  16guests
  Price per guest:   15,822   13,911   13,844   13,787   13,736 

*Price per guest for parties of 2 to 16. 
*Book by phone or online.

Special Menu for Kids
For children, we offer special courses complete with juice and dessert – Kids’ menu for 3,850 yen and for 6,050 yen.
Additional notes:
・  This plan is available year-round, excluding Golden Week, Obon, Christmas, year-end and New Year holidays, and other special dates. Book by seven days before your visit.
・  For requests other than mentioned above, our guest services team team will make arrangements upon providing a quote.
We will quote you for any number of guests not mentioned above. Please inquire to make your request.
The following cancellation fees apply after your reservation has been confirmed.
  ▸ All cancellations from noon 3 days prior to your arrival date: Full amount of your reservation
  ▸ Change in number of guests from noon 3 days prior to your arrival date: Full amount per guest at the time of reservation x number of cancelled guests
  *Please be advised that cancellation fees will be charged in full as arrangements include outsourcing.
If you are interested in staying at the hotel, please take a look at Packages.
Please also ask about fun surprises for your room and more.


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