Refresh yourself with a Day Trip perfect for times like these!  Discover a new Infinity Pool “open-air bath” experience  Check in at a time of your choice and enjoy a five-hour stay, a short half-hour trip from central Tokyo

In these days of patience, we offer a five-hour Day Trip for an easy way to refresh your mind and body. Check in and stay for five hours between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Enjoy our Infinity Pool, which uses hot spring water, even during the winter as we adjust the temperature for your comfort. The steam rising from the surface of the water is sure to give you an open-air bath feel!
Lunch is included in this package, so after your meal, you can rest in our spacious guest room and enjoy our Infinity Pool with the beautiful sunset. Alternatively, you can upgrade your lunch set to afternoon tea or dinner and enjoy a stay in the evening. You can make this package work for you as we also have spa treatments and other options that you can use in conjunction with this offer.

*DAICHINO RESTAURANT is open for lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (LO 3:00 p.m.). If you cannot use our restaurant due to your check-in time, we offer credit for the same monetary amount, which you can use at the SORANO ROOFTOP BAR.  
“5-Hour Stay Day Trip Package 2021” for a Limited Number of Rooms
Period of use:
Until February 28, 2021 (excludes regular hotel holidays)
Package details: Includes use of the guest room for five hours of your choice between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and lunch (DAICHINO RESTAURANT 3,080 yen Lunch Set) for each guest. As part of our 3Cs measures (avoidance of crowded spaces, closed spaces, and close interactions), the maximum number of guests per room is three guests, which includes one child (6 years of age and under) without extra bedding.

Triple occupancy: Weekday 31,240 yen/Weekend 42,240 yen per room
Double occupancy: Weekday 28,160 yen/Weekend 39,160 yen per room
Single occupancy: Weekday 25,080 yen/Weekend 36,080 yen per room
*Standard type rooms are generally available for this package.
*The SORANO SPA is available at 2,200 yen per guest per night.
(Prices above include tax.)

【Special Offer】
Sign up for the SORANO Loyalty Program to receive generous rewards (15% return) and free use of the SORANO SPA for all guests staying in the same room.

The following options are available for use with this package.

□Option 1 
DAICHI 5,500 yen (Can be changed by paying the difference of 2,420 yen per guest)

A mouthwatering variety of items is plated and presented in a six-compartment bento box. A little taste of everything – authentic flavors of ingredients in season – pleases your eyes and taste buds. Our restaurant’s signature DAICHINO SALAD and sashimi are part of the meal. You may even want to try this lunch everyday as the ingredients change from day to day. Also, for an additional charge, miso soup can be changed to boiled tofu as an option during the cold season.

□Option 2 
Specially Selected Kuroge Wagyu Steak Course  9,350 yen (Can be changed by paying the difference of 6,270 yen per guest)

Enjoy this course featuring a generous 200-gram serving of high-quality Kuroge wagyu sirloin steak. According to our head chef, the buttery sirloin goes especially well with Okutama-grown wasabi characterized by strong pungent heat, sharpness, and rich flavor. This is not to be missed.

□Option 3   
60-minute “Beauty & Relax” Spa Treatment in your room 19,800 yen

Our authentic SORANO HOTEL spa treatments take place in its entirety in the spacious comfort of our guest rooms. Our experienced therapist visits your room with a portable spa table to save you the hassle of preparing yourself and moving to a spa facility. In our most popular Beauty & Relax course, our therapist with highly acclaimed techniques invites you to experience ultimate relaxation as your requests are incorporated into the treatment.

□Option 4    
Conditioning Training experience at the SORANO SPA’s Gym Studio 9,900 yen per party of 2 to 4 guests

(60mins./Available for guests 16 years of age and over)

Conditioning is an emerging type of personal training based on a new notion. While personal training generally aims to provide short-term effects, such as muscle strengthening and dieting, conditioning training is characterized by its focus on sustaining a healthier and better condition for your body. It is training for maintaining a lifestyle of well-being, which is perfectly suited for the Sorano Hotel where Well-being is the concept. Please take this opportunity to try out conditioning.
*All prices aboce include tax. 
Imoirtant note
1.  You must select separate dates for your search. Please enter the date of use as the check-in date and the following day as the check-out date. As part of our 3Cs measures (avoidance of crowded spaces, closed spaces, and close interactions), the maximum number of guests per room is three guests, which includes one child (6 years of age and under) without extra bedding.
2.  Advance payment for the room is requested at the time of your booking. Please be advised that payments are nonrefundable even for a modification or cancellation of your reservation.
3. Guests must be at least 4 years of age to use the Infinity Pool. The Infinity Pool is open until 6:00 p.m. for guests 16 years of age and under.
4. Please be advised that this package will not be available on February 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, and 18 due to the establishment of the hotel’s regular holiday from in February.
5. Rooms are furnished with two beds. No extra beds will be added.
6. DAICHINO RESTAURANT is open for lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.(LO 3:00 p.m.) Please be advised that if your check-in time is after our lunch hours, you can use our package options above. You will be charged the difference.